Major Changes in IPL 2023

Cricket is more than a sport in India, it’s like a religion. And the Indian Premier League (IPL) is the biggest carnival of cricket in the country. Every year, millions of cricket fans eagerly wait for the IPL season to start, as it brings together some of the biggest names in international cricket for an action-packed tournament that lasts for almost two months. To begin with the major changes in IPL 2023 we have the “impact player rule”.

From iconic stadiums to thrilling matches, IPL has it all, and it’s not just a game but an experience in itself. In this blog, we will explore the history, format, teams, and players of IPL, as well as some of the key moments that have made this tournament one of the most exciting sporting events in the world. So here we have bought you an article regarding the major changes in IPL 2023.

Major changes in IPL 2023

Before looking at the major changes in IPL 2023 let’s take a look at the fixtures and some of the top picks from the auction.

Fixtures of IPL 2023:

The IPL 2023 is scheduled to start on March 31, 2023, with the final match on May 21, 2023. The first game will be played by Gujrat Titans and Chennai Super Kings. The final match will be between Royal Challenger Bengaluru and Gujrat Titans. The detailed program and schedule for IPL 2023 are shown in the below photos.

Major Changes in IPL 2023 | Impact Player Rule

The new rules for placing ‘influence players’ in upcoming IPLs may just be a ‘second wind’. Some experienced players who have finished their careers need coaches and professionals who can connect with different franchises. The “impact player rule” allows teams to have four such players on its 15-man roster previously named. Substitutions may be made at any time during a team’s innings up to 14 overs.

Impact Player Rule

However, if he is in the playing XI and the team has 4 foreign players, this player must be Indian. One foreign player will only substitute for another player as an “impact surrogate” if three foreign players play on this XI. This was one of the major changes in IPL 2023.

Major signings of IPL 2023:

Just like the previous seasons of IPL, this season too got some nail-biting auction picks. The top 10 picks of IPL 2023 are as follows:

Top picks of IPL 2023

1. Sam Karan – Punjabi Kings (Rs 18.5 crore)

Punjab Kings signed England all-rounder Sam Curran for Rs 185 crore, making him the most expensive buy-in in the history of the IPL. Curran was a finals and tournament player at the 2022 T20 World Championships. This increased his demand at the auctions.

2. Cameron Green – Indian from Mumbai (Rs 17.5 crore)

Australian all-rounder Cameron Green has been signed by Mumbai Indians for Rs. 17.5 crores. Green was one of the best players of the T20I series, held in India last year, where he scored 118 runs, including two half-centuries, with a batting average of 214.54.

3. Ben Stokes – Chennai Super Kings (Rs 16.25 crore)

Ben Stokes became the third most expensive entry at auction when Chennai Super Kings spent Rs 16.25 crore to buy him. The England all-rounder has batted in 43 games in his IPL career with an average of 25.56 at a strike rate of 134.50.

4. Nicholas Pooran – Lucknow Super Giants (Rs 16 crore)

Wicketkeeper hitter Nicolas Pooran has secured his Rs 1.6 crore deal from Lucknow Super Giants. This makes him the most expensive West Indies ever sold at an IPL auction. Pooran played for Sunrisers Hyderabad and scored 306 runs in 14 matches last year, including two half-centuries.

5. Harry Brooke – Sunrisers Hyderabad (Rs 13.25 crore)

England batsman Harry Brooke has been sold to Sunrisers Hyderabad for Rs 13.5 million. This will be the first IPL season for Brook, who has scored 238 runs at a strike rate of 163.01 in a T20I series against Pakistan.

6. Mayank Agarwal – Sunrisers Hyderabad (Rs 8.25 crore)

Another expensive acquisition by SRH was Mayank Agarwal for Rs 8.25 crore. Punjabi Kings released Agarwal. He has been acting since 2018 and is directing in 2022. In 113 IPL games, Agarwal scored 2,331 runs on batting average.

7. Shivam Mavi – Gujarat Titans (Rs 6 crore)

Capped fast bowler Sivammavi has been named by the 2022 champions Gujarat Titans for his Rs 60 crore. Mavi had his IPL debut in 2018 for Kolkata Nights Riders. Where he played 32 matches and at an economy rate of 8.71 he took 30 wickets.

8. Jason Holder – Rajasthan Royals (57.5 billion yen)

Rajasthan Royals have spent Rs 5.75 crore to acquire West Indian all-rounder Jason Holder. The owner attended the 2022 auction and was
Sold to LSG for Rs.875 crore. Overall, Holder has 247 runs in his 38 IPL matches along with 49 wickets.

9. Mukesh Kumar – Delhi Capitals (Rs 5.5 crore)

Delhi Capitals have signed Bengali pacemaker Mukesh Kumar for Rs 5.5 crore. In early October, Mukesh scored his maiden win for India. Convocation of the South African ODI. The fast bowler made headlines in 2015 when he took 20 wickets in five matches for Bengal in his Ranji Trophy debut.

10. Heinrich Klaasen – Sunrisers Hyderabad (Rs 5.25 crore)

The list ends with South African wicketkeeper-batsman Heinrich Klaasen, who was acquired by SRH for Rs 525 crore. Klaasen has played in two IPL seasons so far (2018 and 2019), scoring 66 runs in seven matches.

So this was a quick insight about the Tata IPL 2023. IPL 2023 is set to be yet another exciting season in the world’s most popular T20 cricket league. With the auction already completed and several big names being picked up by different franchises, fans can expect to witness some intense battles on the cricket field. The addition of two new teams will make the tournament even more competitive and bring new energy to the league.

The IPL has always been a platform for young and upcoming players to showcase their talent and this season will be no different. All in all, IPL 2023 promises to be a thrilling and unforgettable season for cricket fans around the world. For more updates about the major changes in IPL 2023 do follow us.

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