KXIP vs RCB match fixed? The complete story behind the match

KXIP vs RCB was the 6th match in the Dream 11 IPL 2020 which was held in Dubai International Stadium. Does this match really fixed? After watching the complete match this is the question several times I asked for myself, why did this question come to my mind, here I will explain the complete story.

RCB won the toss and choose to bowl first this means KXIP started batting and they thought to have a big score so that they can defend RCB. Till 15 overs the match was in normal condition, after that in just 5 overs (30 balls) they scored 80 runs. Is this really possible? It may be possible because they was a hitman K L Rahul, but the real question now arises why the captain Virat Kohli dropped two catches? Were they not easy to catch?

As we can observe that the first catch of K L Rahul was a bit tough and Virat Kohli was running to catch the ball but unable to balance himself, so this made him impossible to catch the ball. But the thing is that the aggressive man Virat was the best fielder and this was not a big deal to him, but why did he do so?

The second one was the easiest one, here he was not running, not the ball was so high and it was exactly to his hands then also he dropped. The best fielder and the captain, how can he do the same mistake again.

In the nineteenth over Dale Steyn was bowling, he gave 26 runs [ 6 4 0 6 6 4] three six and two four. Here I am not asking why did he give so many runs but the question is that after each boundary he was smiling(happy) as if his own team player hitting the boundary.

There was a big target and RCB know that they have to play well so that they can reach the target. In the first over D Padikkal gone and in the second over RCB lose Philippe.

As we all know that Virat Kohli is a good batsman and he is a good run chaser, and also we know that he played well in run chasing rather than giving a target.

Virat comes to the crease in the second over, he knows that there is already a 2 wicket loss and big run to chase so that he should play a careful match but in this tough situation why did he go for big shots? Why did he not play for singles?

After the dismissal of Kohli, Aaron Finch and AB de Villiers were playing.

Here I want to tell you that the bookies will play the game called Fancy, this means that for example, the bookie says that for the six overs the players will score 50 runs, you can bet yes or no. Here also we can see that after the fall of 3 wickets in 3 overs and only 5 runs, seeing this everyone will bet that they will not score more than 20 runs, this may lead to bookie under loss but they scored 40 runs in 6 overs. How did this happen?

Salient Points of KXIP vs RCB

  • Virat Kohli dropped two catches
  • Dale Steyn did not bowl up mark
  • Virat Kohli didn’t bat according to the situation
  • Aaron Finch and AB de Villiers easily scored 35 runs in 3 overs

Yes, I am also a fan of RCB here I am not telling that this match really fixed by someone but these points made me say like that, it is up to you. Comment your opinion.

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